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Familiarity with the House of Nongovernmental Organizations of East Azarbaijan
The home of non-governmental organizations of East Azarbaijan was founded in 1380 by a group of lovers of non-governmental organizations and associations in Tabriz. Since its inception, the organization has been seeking to help people's associations and associations play a more effective role in society, and have been co-sponsored by the various communities in the development and development of the province. Among the notable activities of the home of the organizations in the first period, it is possible to set up meetings and meetings with active associations and several educational conferences.
The house of formations was closed down after 8 years of activity with the government order.
After the coming of the eleventh government and with the government's new government, the House of Nongovernmental Organizations of East Azerbaijan began to hold elections and recognition of the new board in March 1394. In the new era, which was accompanied by the selection of new members of the board of directors, the home will seek to achieve the following goals with the support of the provincial governorate of East Azerbaijan and the contributions and contributions of all non-governmental associations and organizations.

Goals of NGO Houses:
1. Promote and expand the culture of participation and social activities in the province for the development and comprehensive development
2. Strengthening the spirit of co-operation, cooperation and understanding, and the coordination and coherence of NGO activities.
3. Empowering non-governmental organizations through scientific, educational, informational and credit programs
4. Defending the rights of non-governmental organizations
5. Efforts to stabilize the position of non-governmental organizations
6. Efforts to engage positively with institutions, organizations and government agencies and bilateral cooperation
7- Efforts to prepare the field of communication of provincial NGOs with other similar national and international organizations
1- Holding congresses, conferences, seminars and workshops
2- Publishing of publications and books and audiovisual products
3- Holding meetings with authorities and organizations
4- Holding workshops and group and camp activities
5- Perform joint programs with organizations and implement special programs

Meet the members of the board of directors of the home of non-governmental organizations of East Azarbaijan

Row name and surname on the phone at home
1 Gholam Reza Noorabadi, Managing Director of AIDS Prevention Society member of the board 09144117174
2 Ali Zamani Managing Director of Green Peace Association Board Member 09143036045
3 Zakaria Valayee Managing Director of Arab Shah Charity Foundation Member of the Board 09141169086
4 Mohammad Hossein Hassanzadeh Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Green Businesses Member and Chairman of the Board 09141162497
5 Hossein Dehghani Member of the Board of Directors of the Pajhwok Iranian Society of Thought Board Member and Treasurer 09144019101
6 Hassan Tavakoli Managing Director of Toluqullah Taha Institute Member of the Board 09125285424
7 Kamal al-Din Nik Street behavior Managing Director Association of Social Communication Sciences Specialists Member of the Board of Directors and Public Relations Officer 09363177502
8 Mohammad Hassan Yaghoubi Member of the Board of Directors of the Charity Association of Honey Sazan Shabestar Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director 09143118417
9 Efat Rahimzadeh Baghbanian Managing Director of Hayyar Institute Famous Voice of Marand Member of the Board 09143917982
10 Saeed Numour, Chief of the Board of Directors of the Charity Society of the Heart of the Inspector, 09144111868
11 Aydin Motamedin Managing Director of the Family Life Institute of Azerbaijan Inspector 09143080411

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