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Route 1: Tabriz-Marand-Jolfa-Mako-Bazargan

Route: Silk Road Origin: Tabriz Destination: Julfa Distance to km:

Suggested travel time: 3 days a day. Up to date: 2 days. Route code: 1. Access type: Train-groud way

Main places and peripheral attractions Length of the route and main cities of the route: Sufian -Marand-Jolfa

Cultural: Village Tourism Target Zozouz - Sample Tourism Area Marand-Masjed-Jameh - Market Mosque- Historic Caravanserai Payam - Castle Sana'a-Sardood-Qal'eh Gavourgoohr-Qalah Hill Ashtar-Castle-Hellako-Qaleh-e-Pour-Qala Barouj

Natural: Rabbits (Ali Alamdar) - Mountains of Mişu Mountains - Ski Resort Payam-

Other: Municipality parks Shopping and entertainment centers in the cities of Sufi Marand and Jolfa

Destination attractions

Cultural: Church of St. Stephen - Caravanserai, Khaje Nozare

Natural: The margin of the Aras River - Jolfa Asybez Waterfall

Others: Jolfa Shopping Centers, Border Market, and Shadi Jolfa Park Mountains

path length
Hotel, Hotel apartments, an intermediate settlement center
Gas Station Hospital Clinic of Urgent Medicine
Car Wash Basin The Car Military Shopping Mall The Waybill Office

• Marand-Khoy
• Marand-Varzagan
• Jolfa - God of Fearin-Aslandoz-Parsabad

• Sufian is one of the cities of the East Azarbaijan province located in the Sufi district of Shabestar. This city is the center of the Sufi section. According to the latest census of the Iranian Statistics Center in 1395, the Sufis with a population of 9963, is the 25th most populous city of East Azerbaijan and the second most populous city of Shabestar. The city of Sufis is located between Shabestar and Tabriz through the link between Tabriz and Marand. It is located 30 km east of Shabestar, 35 km north of Tabriz and 679 km northwest of Tehran. The transit route and the Iranian railway to Europe both are linked in this twin city, one of the trade routes, Turkey to Europe and the other from the Jolfa, Azerbaijan to Europe.

Historical Attractions of Sufi:
• Imamzadeh Ibrahim Khalil Sufyan

• Top Sufi Mineral Springs
• Stone statues
• Sophian Nation Park
• Sufi Mosque
• Vali Asr Sufi Mosque
• Golzar Sufi Mosque
• Sufi Municipality Building
• Historic City Bath

• Marand city is located in East Azarbaijan, and the center of this city is 74 km from the center of East Azarbaijan Province. The municipality of Marand, the ancient hill of Yaldour, the caravansary of Payam, the historical bridge of Qezel Korpy Zenuz, the Haj Mousa Bath and Zanzai Castle are among the most significant works of this city. It is also believed that the area of ​​the tourism message of the village, Znozak village, Eishabad waterfall, the mountains of Mishoo, Ghardoogizan, Amini Znuzz garden, Mahar district, Shahrznoz and ski resort are among the attractions of Marand city tourism. According to Qalibafi, Basketball, and basketball clubs This is the traditional handicraft of this city.

• Marand Comprehensive Mosque: Inside the City
• Market mosque: Inside the city
• Haj Musa Bath: Inside the City
• Yaldur Hill: Inside the city
• Payam Caravanserai: Message Village
• Ski Resort Payam: Message Village
• Zhuzog village:
• Waterfall in Aishabad: Eish Abad village
• Parish Bazaar: Eish Abad village
• Amini Znvz Garden: Zenuz Village
• Mahar Area:

• Jolfa city is located in Northwest of Tabriz and the center of this city with the center of East Azarbaijan is 146 km. Church of St. Stephen, Karsht bath, Chopin church, Abbas Mirza castle in Kurdish, Mizarakkim Abolghasem Nabati in Ostbin, Tomb of Imamzadeh Shoaib Village of Dozal in the most significant. The sample area for tourism in the Aras shores - the Karsht village, the Kayamaki protected area, the village of Ashbin and the Khaybah mill are among the tourist attractions of Jolfa.

• St. Stephen's Church: 16 kilometers west of Julfa
• Mary Mary's Church: 16 kilometers west of Jolfa
• Wreck mill: 15 kilometers east of Jolfa
• Shaheib Dozal Imamzade Shrine: 25 kilometers east of Jolfa
• Emamzadeh Seyyed Mohammad: 35 km east of Jolfa
• Kurdasht Historical Complex: 45 km from Jolfa
• Location of the Aras Mountains: The border of the Arus River
• Busyan Tourist Village

Row of Tourist Villages
The route of tourist attractions is the lack of infrastructure and problems
Man's natural history
1 Umd - - Umm Dam - Tourism project Simorgh WC / Buffet advertising and inadequate marketing
2 Andeel village - Mineral water spring Landscape of villa houses - The lack of indigenous residences
3 people of the hill - Kirevkhum hills - The possibility of camel organization of the mining industry organization without a quarry
4 Message Village Caravanserai Message - Ski Resort
Railroad access point
Call for the caretaker to equip and set up a messenger caravan
5 Village of Goljar Target - Natural Landscape - Camp Around The Lack of Tourism Infrastructure
6 Eishabad - Pirbala Waterfall / Eish Abad Waterfall - Lack of Tourism Infrastructure
7 Wonderland - Amini Gardens Damage to the dwelling The lack of a trustee for the operation of the camp and the bathroom
Sample areas and villages targeted for tourism and existing infrastructure

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