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Route 2: Tabriz-Bostanabad-Sarab-Ardebil

Route: Healing Springs Source: Tabriz Destination: Ardabil Distance to km:

Suggested travel time: 5 days a day. Up-to-date: 4 days. Route type: 2 Access type: Inland

Main places and peripheral attractions Latitude along the route and main cities of the route: Saeed Abad- Bostanabad-Sarab

Cultural: Razliq Circus Inscription - Sarab Nomad Museum

Natural: Qurigul Lagoon 15 km from Bostanabad and 37 km from Tabriz

Cultural: Tomb of Sheikh Safiuddin Ardebili

Natural: Sareen

Other: Municipal Parks of Shopping and Recreation Centers in the cities of Sarein Imdbil


path length

Hotel, Hotel apartments, an intermediate settlement center

Gas Station Chapel Hospital Clinic of Urgent Medicine

Car Wash Basin Car Rebate Shopping Mall Police Office ATM

Products and destinations for handicrafts - Rug - Glim - Jajim - Souvenirs and local cuisine - Honey

  • Bostan Abad city is located in the southeastern part of the province of Azarbayjan-e Azarbaijan, and the center of this city is Tabriz with 55 km. The Al Khalaj Takim Dash caravansary, the Saeed Abad bridges and the tallest Khasht Ghasem in the city are the most significant works of this city. Water treatment in Bostanabad, Shahri district, Saeed Abad valley and Sahand ski resort are among the attractions of the city of Bostanabad. Livestock is one of the agricultural production of this city.
  • Natural attractions of Bostanabad
  • Qurigul Lagoon 15 km from Bostanabad and 37 km from Tabriz
  • Health spa in downtown
  • ShahriDary valley on the slopes of Mount Sahand
  • Domains of the Sahand and Bozvs dynasty
  • Almalo Goli Wetland near the village of al-Malu
  • Alaghaz wetland on the slopes of Ghasem Daghi Mountain
  • Heydarabad Mountain in the village of Khoshknab, Shahriar's hometown
  • Sari Valley valley on the slopes of the mountain ridge in the village of Kerr with therapeutic properties
  • Sahand ski resort: 25 km of Tabriz-Bostanabad
  • Saeedabad Valley

Alexander Cave and Astar

  • Aqbaghagh Cave
  • Historic buildings and buildings
  • Neglethal Mansion: (1212 AH) This building is along the road of Kheirabad and Chaman Ajun.
  • Nader Tappehsi: In this unlikely event, there are buildings and buildings that, as if Nadir Shah had settled there during his life. This hill is located on the south side of Bostanabad city and belongs to the Mogul period.
  • Kanak le village with many historical monuments from the Safavid era
  • Shrubbery: Royal Palace and Building of the Mongol Kings.
  • Hills of the desert (Dirman Tappasi): between the streams of Sparrow and Hajjah, which has many works and many works.
  • Shaqor: which is the seat of the city of Ajun.
  • Cemeteries in Dizbanabad and Aminabad:
  • Dash caravansaries
  • Shibalai Caravansaries
  • The mosque of the village of ibnban
  • Tahas Qasem's tomb in the city of Dikh
  • The city of Sarab is located in the east of East Azarbaijan Province, and the center of the city is Tabriz with 140 km. Numerous inscriptions of Urartui Nashtan Vorazlyk, Gudoosh Abad Bridge, Ilkhani Esfand, Tomb Abad Mosque, Sarab Mosque, Esenq Mosque, Major Sarab Mosque, Tymcheh Haj Property in the city is one of the most important works of the city. It is also mentioned that the resort area of ​​Asbfvrvsh, Volgarollah Haq, the spa of Ardash and Shina Jin, the Sarab tribal museum and the magnificent Sabalan and Zaghoub mountains are among the tourist attractions of the city of Sarab. Honey and lobsters, especially the globular butter, are one of the most important agricultural products in the city.

Historic and spectacular spots

  • Urantian script (near the village of Qirkhaghislar in the north east of Sarab)
  • Quartz rock paintings
  • Razliq's story
  • Sarab mosque (ninth century AH)
  • Sarab Nomad Museum
  • Ancient hill of Goljajuk (2.5 km north of Sarab along the Razliq road to Mirab)
  • Sassanid Haghighat
  • Moghave Tomb of Asfrastan (6 km east of Mirabe Mogul period)

Sample areas and villages targeted for tourism and existing infrastructure

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