Borje shahr shopping center

Category: Shopping Centers

The commercial-recreational complex of the tower of the city, with an infrastructure of 42,939 square meters Recreational and Residential Complex in the year 1388, and opened on January 19, 1391. The complex, which is located in the municipality of 5th metropolitan area of ​​Tabriz, is regarded as one of the great projects of the commercial and the business of Iran in terms of its dimensions and its projected uses due to geographical location and access to the highway network.
Laleh Park is now leading from the north to the Pasdaran, from the East to Fereshteh Street, and from the south and west to Baghmesheh Forest Park. The Laleh Park Complex is hosting six different structures in various structures and markets. Clothes, bags and shoes, jewelry, clothes and sports goods, home appliances and audio _ pictures, restaurants, coffee shops, banks and other classes and services.

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