Pottery Museum

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Year Established: 1384 Hijri Shamsi, Qajar Building

The Tabriz Museum of Natural Temples is the space that gives our ancestors' message in the field of pottery, our eyes, our hands, and, most of all, to our souls. To the spirit of the twenty-first century man, who is far from his own temper and is aspired to his principle.

Different parts of the house of pottery

1- Permanent exhibition of works by Professor Abbas Bakhchi, Professor Ahmad Bakhchi and Professor Farideh Tatikaei Moghadam and the best works of potter artists and students of East Azarbaijan province (with white soil).

2- Basin:

The place of holding temporary exhibitions from individual artists and artists' groups as well as conducting criticism and cultural and artistic meetings

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3- Permanent store for the works of potter artists

4- Educational classes:

Working class

Painting class on pottery

Class familiarity with the traditional ceramic production process with the white soil of Azarbaijan

5- Presentation of different stages of white pottery work in traditional way (visit with previous coordination)

Includes: Flower preparation - Turning and turning of the body - Glazing preparation - Grinding of glass - Working with stone mill - Preparation of copper dye - First cooking, glazing - Second cooking, Chinese furnace



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