Amirnezam House

Category: Historic Homes

This house was built in 1247 AH by Hajj-khaye Khanani known as Abu-Al-Malah, and by Hajuli-Memar Tabriz. It is located in the old neighborhood of the street and on the western side of Tabriz bazaar. The building has two floors, an inner and exterior, and an area of ​​over 1000 square meters. Its casing has a ceiling light that is erected on four pillars with gypsum clusters and is adorned with beautifully decorated mirrors and glasses, which is generally known as harpoons.




The most beautiful and interesting part of the southern side is the south side, overlooking the courtyard, and is about 50 square meters wide, and is decorated with very beautiful Eros windows and fine and walnut doors. The adjoining rooms have a wooden ceiling with octopus octopus and wooden doors with highlights of slavery and flowers and leaves.

Materials used in building of stone, brick and clay.

This house is a gathering place for leaders and lovers of the Constitutional Movement, and is now being used as a cultural heritage building as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art.......


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