In Tabriz, dyeing has a long history and a mysterious past that nobody could know about its mysteries. Each dye produces colors with specific tonalities by employing unique techniques. In dyeing, the skill of dyeing is very important in the use of colored materials, for example, the lack of dyeing skills and the lack of dye penetration into fibers, streaking of carpets or, on the contrary, by the saturation of fibers from colored materials when rugs are thrown onto each other Additional colors penetrate adjacent carpets. Also, the quality and type of fiber used in dyeing is also important.

Tabriz News Agency has been able to acquire a variety of color tonalities with a combination of the main colors. And colors are defined and categorized according to the physical structure, quality and firmness, the type of teeth used, or dyeing methods.

In Tabriz, dyeing of wool and silk from ancient times used colored plants such as pomegranate, walnut, rhonas, spurk, nail pepvsy, yellow chubby, cobblestone, oak, helium and corn grass.

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