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Tabriz is the capital of the East Azarbaijan province in the northwest of Iran. Some historians believe that the name of Tabriz is derived from the word "toris" which means the flow and apparently refers to mineral water springs that are in the range of the mountains of the city. Tabriz is a city that has settled in the eighth century BC, and has been built with great rain. From the 10th century or the 3rd century AH the name of Tabriz has come to the streets of the big cities of Azerbaijan, where it has also flourished with the advancement of industry and commerce, science and civilization.

The Silk Road The old Chinese road road, which was used more than two thousand years ago, is still very famous in the world. The Silk Road has played a major role as a bridge between China and countries in Europe, Asia and Africa for material and civilian exchanges between East and West.
The city of Tabriz has long been the center of the Middle East and Middle Eastern trade for the sake of Silk Road, and its markets are described in the memories of many businessmen and tourists. This route came from Huang Province in China to the province of Kansu, from there into the modern Eastern Turkestan, and through Bishkek and Almaliq and Atarr to Samarkand and Bukhara. In Bukhara, its main part was from Marmi, Sarakhs, Neyshabur, Gorgan to Rey, and from Rey to Qazvin, Zanjan, Tabriz and Yerevan, and from Yerevan to Tbrazuzan or to one of the ports of the country.

 tabriz 2018

Registering 1,800 historical, natural and intangible works in the national monuments list and two works in the UNESCO World list, selecting Tabriz as the world's largest handmade carpet and the capital of the Islamic countries in 2018 shows the numerous capabilities of the province.
Why Tabriz?
In 2013, tourism ministers of the Islamic World at each meeting presented a city as a tourism destination city to the World Organization for the Organization of the Islamic Conference of the World (OIC), and from our country, the cities of Tabriz and Yazd, were eventually presented at the 9th Islamic Tourism Cooperation Ministers' In Niger, Tabriz was elected by majority vote as the capital of Islamic countries in 2018. What was considered by the members of the meeting among the criteria presented for Tabriz was the existence of tourism areas, the proper infrastructure, the number of museums, the number of events held, the choice of Tabriz as the world's carpet city and the number of domestic and foreign tourists.



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